How To Elevate your Self-Care & Wellness Rituals with CBD!

For more than 5k years, CBD has been utilized as a wellness supplement, as it can be easily added to any Self-Care routine. Whether your preference is topical creams, edibles, or smokables, there are more ways than ever to use CBD! What Exactly is a Wellness and Self-Care Routine? (We call these Rituals!) It’s a […]

To THC, or not to THC: Marijuana versus CBD

Cannabinoids (CBD) are active compounds found in cannabis plants. Although not always the case, CBD is typically the second-most prevalent ingredient apparent in cannabis (marijuana). Cannabis has 2 species: Hemp and Marijuana. In order for Hemp to be Hemp, it has to have very little THC – 0.3% or less. This wiggle room is what […]

The SIMPLEST Infused Tea Recipe: You’re Welcome!

If your grandmother was anything like mine, then you’ve probably heard that tea is the cure for everything. While that isn’t exactly true for all ailments, the great news is that drinking tea routinely has been found to have a positive, lasting impact on your wellness. Not only is tea one of the cheapest beverages […]